Santa Monica Chess Foundation

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Dedicated to promoting chess at Santa Monica chess park




The purpose of this foundation is to promote chess at Santa Monica chess park. One way we hope to engage the public and increase interest in the chess being played at the park is to promote and record the use of the MegaChess set, which is a huge chess set freely available at the park.  It is our theory that active use of such a huge chess set will do a better job of interesting passersby in the chess being played in the park and will hopefully result in more chess players coming to the park on a weekly basis.  Also, by recording and publishing the Exhibition MegaChess games played at the park we hope to allow people from both inside and outside of California to see the kinds of chess being played at the park. Our long-term dream is to eventually see every chess table being used to play chess!


The key for the MegaChess set can be obtained from the police station on the pier (you must leave your ID and take responsibility for the set).

The Santa Monica Chess Foundation was founded by ProfessorJames in 2012 to promote chess, especially in Santa Monica California.